Seventh Point PointFolio "Let's Get High"

A recent client did an outstanding blog about their experience with Dunn Aerial Media. They stated: 
   Seventh Point is known for its video capabilities. In years past, capturing aerial footage was very expense. It involved contracting a helicopter and pilot, renting very expensive stabilizing equipment and taking a healthy dose of Dramamine to avoid airsickness. Thankfully, those are all things of the past.
State-of-the-art drones equipped with lightweight, high-definition cameras make capturing stunning images from high in the sky very affordable. Recently, a local automotive retailer contacted us about capturing aerial footage of their newly expanded and renovated dealership. The biggest challenge was the United States Navy. The dealership sits within Naval Air Station Oceana’s restricted airspace. Through our extensive network of video partners, we were able to find an FAA-licensed drone pilot that was also approved to operate within Oceana’s airspace. 
Seventh Point’s video team also put the drone to the test inside the dealership. We were able to capture some impressive footage that would have traditionally involved setting up a track dolly and a jib arm. Instead of hours of set-up, we were able to capture these images in minutes. “

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